Quality Gear in all aspects of the Studio.

It’s key in recording to get it right a the source. Great equipment goes a long ways towards doing that. Bring your own gear or have the option to use the professional equipment here for a nominal fee.


Incredible array of top of the line mics. From the classic Neuman U67 to jack of all trades like the Shure SM57 or SM58.


Record on an Apogee Symphony I/O MK II through mic preamp’s from API, BAE (Neve), Chandler and more. There are a million different instruments that require a million different ways to capture their sound. So we’re equipped with a wide variety of devices to do that. D.I’s, signal boosters, ReAmper’s and on and on.


Custom Shop Les Paul 1960 reissue and a vintage Telecaster head up the list of instruments for hire. Bring your own or see what we can do for your sound.


Maybe the nicest set of vintage recording amplifiers you’ll find. On through the golden years from a 1958 Fender Deluxe, 1965 Supro 88T, 1966 Champ, Fender Deluxe ’68 Custom Reissue, Marshall SV20H Head thru a vintage 4×12 cabinet and a 1970 Leslie 18.


The wide selection covers all the major pedal food groups. Here’s your chance to experience what a Klon Centaur can do.


Check out the list of plugins here to serve you.

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