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The Right Space to Create In

We provide rooms that compliment what you’re trying to accomplish.Whether is a controlled sound or live with a lot of reflections. Need a huge space for live sound? There is access to off site buildings with a 60’x35′ space with a 20′ ceiling and 25’x25′ with a 15′ ceiling.

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Live Room #1

Room treatment for a controlled sound. Plenty of space for live band takes. Drummer in the Live Room, Bassist thru a D.I., Guitarist in Live Room with guitar amp in ISO booth and Vocalist either in Control Room or doing a rough take with the band in the Live Room.

Closed Circuit TV, Headphone Distribution and Talkback systems keep artists in close collaboration with the Control Room.


Live Room #2

Pictures coming. A large 16’x32′ room with a great live atmosphere.

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