Classic Recording Amplifiers, Cabinets and a Leslie 18….

Besides the stock speakers in these amps and cabinets a variety of others are available to swap in to meet your tonal needs. A pair of 1952 Jensen P12Qs, a pair of new Jensen P12Qs, a 1964 Jensen C12N, a new Celestion Greenback, a Warehouse Veteran 30 and a Marshall branded Celestion Heritage and V30.

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1958 Fender Deluxe

You’ll likely never see or play one in better condition. From sparkling cleans to ragged glory. All original right down to the tubes and the Jensen P12R speaker.

1958 Tweed Fender Deluxe







Two Rock – Classic Reverb Signature

A Fender on steroids is a good place to start to try to describe this amp.

Two Rock

Victory – The Jack V30

Actually 42 watts ranging from cleans to modern overdrive.

Victory - The Jack

1966 Fender Champ

So many hits recorded on this type of amplifier and its older brother the Tweed. Can use the original Oxford speaker for a vintage sound or a Weber 8A125 if you want to abuse it.

1966 Fender Champ


Fender Deluxe Reverb ’64 – Hand Wired

They do make them like they used to. The same construction techniques as the ones from the golden Blackface era in a reliable new amp. Great pedal platform. A staple live or in the Studio.

Fender Deluxe Reverb ’64 Hand Wired


1965 Supro 88T

Fills the 35 watt 2×12 slot in your amplifier needs quite nicely. From Marshall to Fender sounds. All original including the Jensen C12P speakers. Another one of Supro’s ‘failed’ bass amp attempts from that era. See the famous Supro Thunderbolt. This one has Bass, Guitar and Accordion channels. Jump the Bass and Guitar channels and you’re able to dial in just the right amount of bottom end.

1965 Supro 88T



Marshall SV20H Head

Marshall got it right with the Studio series of amps. Great recreation of a golden era Plexi.

Marshall SV20H






1972 Celestion G12M Greenbacks

Here are pics of the 1972 Celestion G12M Greenbacks with the Pulsonic cones. These are the T1221 75 Hz models. Used by great artists from that era. There were also the ‘H’ models and also ones with heavier bass cones that were a little more suited to standing up to the punishment from Hendrix to Van Halen. It’s almost impossible to get a harsh tone out of this version of the Greenback.

1971 Leslie 18

Made for guitar. Has the real nice 12″ Jensen speaker. You can’t duplicate this sound with a pedal.

Leslie 18


Yamaha THR10s

Portable Guitar amps with multi effects and amp sims, Bluetooth speaker and Recording Interface all in one. Take one out to the deck, pier, pontoon boat or wherever. Great for capturing your ideas.







Mather 2×12 Cabinet

Apparently Mr Mather has done work for Dumble and many stars. This one can be loaded with choices including a 1978 Celestion G12-65, Warehouse Veteran 30, Celestion Greenback or Marshall branded Celestion Heritage or V30.

Mather 2×12



AmpRx Brown Box – Voltage Regulator

When you’ve got this many vintage amps they want voltage levels equal to what was standard back in the 50’s and 60’s.

AmpRx Brown Box



Variac – Voltage Regulator

Old school compared to the AmpRx Brown Box. But it works.




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