Lost Lake Recording Studio on Google Maps will appear as an address in Randolph Wisconsin where our PO Box is located. Being a residential home studio our policy is to have a meet and greet at a nearby location where we can discuss how we can best suit your needs. From there we can set up an appointment at the Studio to begin your project.

Important and vital music comes from people of all ages. We respect and admire that.

All Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian while on the premises. There may be circumstances where the presence of more than one adult can enable a session.

As with all meet and greets or new clients an offsite meeting will be set up to ensure the Studio understands and meets your needs.


The Studio is based in a private residence. It occupies the entire lower level and includes a 16x32 lounge that  can double as a large reflective room for drum or other recording. There is a full service bar, restroom with shower, a 12x14 room that can serve as a rest area.

The Studio includes a 16x16 Live Room. A 9x12 Control Room. A 5x8 ISO Booth. All sound treated.

The lounge room has a 70" TV, surround sound system, office/desk cubby and dart board.

There is a 16x16 exterior deck off the back of the lounge room with a table and seating.

There is a pier with seating. Also a large fire pit with plenty of firewood.

All on a beautiful private wooded lot.

We pride ourselves in high quality.

Highlights include:

Burl Mothership recording interface. 16 channels In and 18 channels out. Known as being of the the top interfaces in the industry. Transformer based imparting an analog tone.

API, BAE (Neve), Chandler and Burl mic pre's

Microphones include industry standards like a Neumann U67, Coles 4038's, Royer R-121, AKG C414 Xlii and others from Shure, Sennheiser and Aston.

Holy Grail amplifiers. A mint condition 1958 Fender Deluxe, 1965 Princeton Reverb, 1965 Supro 88T 2x12 and 1969/70 Marshall JMP 50 Watt head are some of the best recording amplifiers.

Guitar pedals include a legendary Klon Centaur, Kingsley Page V2, Paul Cochrane Timmy, Wampler Terraform Muti-effects, Source Audio Collider Reverb/Delay, coveted 1990's ODR-1 and many more.

Lost Lake is approximately 250 acres and suitable for power boats, pontoon boats, kayaks and canoes. It's 1 mile from end to end and great for water skiing.

There are 2 kayaks available for use. A pontoon boat is on the way in 2023!

Lake depth ranges from 3 to 8 feet. Being a drainage lake the water clarity is murky. But it is clean and there is no problem with algae or weeds.

There are boat launches on the North and South sides of the lake. There is a park on the North side of the lake.

The panfish population is on the rise lately. There are catfish and bullheads.

The following methods can be used to contact the Studio:


Email info@lostlakerecording.com

Call 608-772-8020

Use the Contact page on this website.

Appointment booking calendar is coming soon!


Once an appointment is set up for new clients we typically set up  a meeting at a place convenient for everyone. We can then determine how best we can meet your needs.

Cash, PayPal, Venmo and Zelle are accepted payment methods.

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