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Every step along the way from your vocal or instrument to the DAW, out to your ears or a record is handled by some of the best gear available. From the world class Apogee Symphony I/O MK II to API/Neve/Chandler flavored micPres. Read on to find out how each piece of gear contributes to a fully functional Studio supporting recording, mixing, collaboration, video services and much more.

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Apogee Symphony I/O MKII Special Edition

This is world class. Featured in top studios. Great conversion and monitoring. 16 in and 16 out. Apogee gear is so good Bob Clearmountain married the owner.


Apogee Symphony I/O MK II


Burl B26 Monitor Controller

If you can’t hear things properly your mix gets compromised. Built in talkback functionality.

Burl B26

API 500-8B HC 500 Series Lunchbox

Seriously high quality microphone preamps.

500 Series micPre’s



API 512V MicPreAmps (8)

Clear punchy sound of Rock n Roll

API 512V

BAE 107MPL MicPreAmps (4)

Classic Neve sound.






Chandler TG2-500 Mic PreAmps (2)

Fantastic on everything especially guitar. Amazing that Chandler, the primary manufacturer of all the current versions of classic EMI Abbey Road gear, is right down the road in Iowa.

Chandler TG2-500







Chandler Little Devil Mic PreAmps (2)

Super features for saturation and distortion.

Chandler Little Devil


PSI A17-M Near Field Reference Monitors

Accurate monitors can equal an accurate mix. Swiss made precision and all analog components give definition and honesty to these high end monitors. No fancy DSP processing here. These rely on exquisite craftsmanship. PSI Audio started making speakers before some of us were born. Alain Roux introduced his designs in 1975, while a student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich. His company eventually became Relec SA. In 1991 Studer retained Alain and company to develop a line of OEM monitors. In 2004 the PSI Audio brand was launched.


Avantone Mixcube Monitor

In the real world a lot of what you hear is in mono. So it’s important for a Mixer to check things that way. Also the vast majority of music is heard on less than optimal speakers with not much more than mid range and lacking in bass. So the Mixcube provides a window into how a lot of your music is heard.

Avantone Mixcube

QSC HPR122i PA Monitors

Rock out in the Live Room with these stage monitors.


Sonarworks SoundID Reference Software

No room is acoustically perfect. This software analyzes your room and adjusts the sound coming out of your monitors to be as close to ‘flat’ as possible. A flat frequency reference point for listening makes it possible to honestly hear your source material and ensure it translates accurately into the real listening world. Our Control Room uses this technology to provide the best chance at achieving a great mix for all listening environments.

Sonarworks SoundID Reference

Furman PL-8c Power Conditioner

Furman PL-8c


Amp SVT iiP Bass PreAmp

Classic Ampeg sound.

Ampeg SV iiP Bass PreAmp


Aphex Model 204 Aural Exciter

The Optical Big Bottom part of the circuit will make the low end huge. The Harmonics section will make many things like snare really stand out in the mix.

Aphex Model 204 Aural Exciter


Sansamp PSA 1

Amp modeling and for tweaking tracks. This is the same original version used on many classic recordings. Some of the best Mixers in the world run practically everything through this to add body, grit and mojo.

Sansamp PSA 1


Behringer P16 I Powerplay Headphone Distribution System

Hearing a great mix while performing is crucial for an artist to perform at their best. Create your own or have the engineer send you one. This system does it all.


Behringer P16M Remotes (5)

Personal remotes allow each artist to dial in or receive the perfect mix to perform to.


Korg PB-05 Tuner

Korg PB-05

HKVision CCTV System

Studio features a Closed Circuit TV system for linking the Control Room, ISO Booth and Live Rooms together for better communication. CCTV server keeps video for use in creating performance videos.


Radial SGI Instrument Level Signal Booster

Supports long instrument cable runs. For example sit in the Control Room and crank an amp way far away in the ISO Booth.  Without loss of signal strength from your guitar or pedalboard.

Radial SGI



Radial JDI Passive DI

Radial JDI

Radial J48 Active DI

Radial J48

Radial EXTC-SA – Effects Processing and Reamper

Use your favorite pedals to enhance tracks. Take DI recordings of performances and do another take on the amp of your choice.

Radial EXTC-SA

Radial StageBug

Radial StageBug


Quickly tune up your drums with precision.



EBTech Hum Eliminator

EBTech Hum Eliminator

Cricket Polarity and Continuity Tester

Ensure reliable connections and phase relationships.


Rolls Mixer

Quickly hook your phone or audio device and listen through the Studio monitoring systems.

Rolls MiniMix A/V


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